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Dutch design agency Vruchtvlees is European Agency of the Year 2018

The Hague, 3 June 2018  – Vruchtvlees (read: Pulp) has been awarded European Agency of the Year 2018 by the European Design Awards. This award is the cherry on top for the work by this very talented digital design agency. To win this prestigious award is a real achievement, and the competition is huge. The judges are experienced design journalists and critics from all over Europe. In addition to the European Agency of the Year award, Vruchtvlees has also been awarded gold, silver and bronze in various other categories.

‘Every year we receive a huge amount of submissions, and the quality of design work in Europe is very high. Vruchtvlees have proven that they can deliver amazing digital design. By showing an incredibly strong position in the digital market, they managed to conquer the top spot for 2018’, according to Demetrios Fakinos (Managing Director, European Design Awards).

Vruchtvlees creates opportunities for ambitious brands, by offering hybrid design solutions that people love and make brands grow. Clients include De Vegetarische Slager (The Vegetarian Butcher), O My Bag (omybag.nl) and Theater Rotterdam. They are the first design driven digital agency in The Netherlands to receive this award. In addition to this, they also received gold for Integrated Identity, silver for Information Site and bronze for Branding – Company Logo, for Theater Rotterdam and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (hvana.nl).

‘We believe that our digital work and attitude is distinctive, and, therefore, appeals to brands, organisations and talent worldwide’, says Roman Stikkelorum (Founder, Vruchtvlees). ‘Dutch digital design is the continuation of the rich Dutch design history. Unconventional, solution orientated, open and down to earth. This recognition promotes Dutch digital design on a global scale. This is in line with our ambition to become the best design driven agency worldwide.’

The new Theater Rotterdam has taken it upon itself to break through the filter bubble and the theatre walls. The result of a merger between the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Productiehuis Rotterdam, Ro Theater and Wunderbaum, Rotterdam’s new city theatre has positioned itself as open for debate, putting Rotterdam on the international theatre scene.
Vruchtvlees developed an identity for Theater Rotterdam that serves a purpose as much as it inspires. With intriguing campaigns and a strong online presence, we created the possibility for the dramatic character of Theater Rotterdam to become widely known. Vruchtvlees was also responsible for the campaign elements and the website.


Text and images via www.vruchtvlees.nl

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“Print Your City by The New Raw explores the concept of applying 3D printing to plastic waste, as a way to re-design urban space. As the name suggests, Print your City! is a call for action, rallying citizens to recycle household plastic waste in order to transform it into raw material for public furniture, via a 3D printing process.

The first outcome of the project, which creates a circular stream within the city, generating more engaged citizens and less CO2 emissions, is the XXX bench, a furniture piece designed for the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Print Your City! is an on-going research project initiated by The New Raw.
It was kick-started in 2016 in collaboration with Aectual as 3D Printing in the Circular City (Stimulus project of Circular City Program of AMS Institute) and supported by the Technical University of Delft, and AEB Amsterdam .

For more information visit the project site:

Text and images via The New Raw

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“The Colour Catcher is a constant object to see shadows, hollow and convex surfaces and reflections, to make visible tactile colours in varying lighting atmospheres. A study on the colour of shadows. Objects in grey tones placed on colourful fields.




If we fold a piece of coloured paper a few times, we get several divided or sliced colours. Each plane of each folded surface acquires its own tone. The vertical surfaces are darker, the horizontal ones catch most light.
When shadows hit these surfaces they also fracture into many shades, where every fold or bend creates a new palette. The folded surface reveals the layered quality and refraction of a single colour. The folding turns the form of an object into a generator of new colour tones.




The Colour Catchers were designed for the exhibition ‘Breathing Colour’ (on dislay at the Design Museum London from June 28 through September 24, 2017).”


Text and images via Hella Jongerius

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