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Water Tower Sint Jansklooster by Zecc

“The water tower is situated in the middle of a protected nature reserve owned by the Dutch Nature Monuments; De Wieden in the province Overijssel. BOEi, Vitens and Nature Monuments took up the initiative to transform the tower to a watchtower. A spectacular ‘ route architecturale” will lead you up to a height of 45 m. At the top four windows give you a 360 degree view of De Wieden.

The journey begins with a closed staircase that leads to the first floor. Here you enter a room that is 24 m high and gives you a view of the spectacular composition of the old and new stairs. The new wooden stairs generates a warm atmosphere and leads through the body of the water tower. Where the old stairs runs up alongside the existing concrete walls, the new stairs zigzag across the tower to reinforce the spatial composition. A new, steel winding staircase departs from the floor below the water reservoir and goes right through the bottom of the empty tank. The stairs slowly winds up alongside the walls and intensifies the spatial perception of the reservoir, the heart of the tower. You feel small as a visitor and you get an impression of the huge quantity of water that used to provide water pressure for the entire region.

At the top of the tower you have reached the look-out point. The ‘lid’ of the tank has been partly removed in order to create a plateau to offer more of an overview for groups. The transparent raster floor makes you imagine yourself to be right in the middle of the tank. Alongside the four small existing windows four large ones have been added that complete the view of De Wieden. The public makes an exciting and multifaceted journey upstairs and is rewarded with a beautiful view.

The water tower is a national monument, which made alterations to the exterior and interfering with the reservoir a difficult point. The strength of this plan lies in a combination of extreme restraint on the exterior and an architectural statement on the inside of the tower.”


Images: Stijnstijl Fotografie
Text: Zecc

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New in the collection of Spectrum Design the Metz&Co armchair by Rietveld. For the first time in production since it has been designed back in 1942.

“Armchair for Metz&Co (1942) The Armchair for Metz&Co was named after the Amsterdam based department store Metz&Co for which Rietveld designed the chair in 1942. As early as in 1932 Metz&Co asked Rietveld to design a showroom for his furniture on top of their building in Amsterdam. It was in this showroom where Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and later Pol Kjaerholm presented their contemporary designs in the Netherlands for the first time.


During the Second World War Rietveld refused to adhere to the German ‘Kulturkammer’, a Nazi controlled cultural board. As a result of this he wasn’t allowed to produce the Armchair for Metz&Co. Luckily the drawings and prototypes were preserved and could be used to reconstruct the chair 75 years after its first design.

The beautifully crafted frame of the chair was designed with thin slats of oak. The seat consists of an upholstered polyurethane foamed frame with an upholstered comfortable pad. This pad is finished with a blanket stich that gives this historic design both comfort and a distinguished look.”



Text and images via Spectrum Design

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The Cartoni 900 pendant by Wisse Trooster for Cartoni Design

“Due to the rise of LED, lighting has become more sustainable. With the Cartoni 900 pendant, designer Wisse Trooster goes one step further with the label Cartoni Design. In addition to applying LED technology, the lamp is made with recycled cardboard from Smurfit Kappa. The result is a minimalistic stylish pendant that can be used on its own or linked; in both work or living environments.

The Cartoni 900 is built up of several layers of corrugated cardboard. With a veneer top an undercoat of your choice the lamp can be assembled to your liking. Next to the label The name itself refers to the weight of the lamp; only 900 grams. Because the pendants can be connected from one to another, only one power adapter is required for multiple lamps.

The pendant is the first collaboration between Wisse and Cartoni Design and was shown for the first time at the VT Wonen & Design Fair and during Dutch Design Week in October 2017. Cartoni 900 is available in Cartoni Design’s shop, located in the circular pavilion ‘Circl” of the ABN AMRO bank in Amsterdam.”

Text by Wisse Trooster
Images via Cartoni Design and anemo-one

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