Matime Museum Amsterdam courtyard roofing by Liesbeth van der Pol

“The building of the Netherlands Maritime Museum will be adapted to the desires and requirements of modern times, designed to accommodate a substantial increase in the number of visitors. By roofing over the courtyard, this space will become a point where visitors can orient themselves and select. The design set outs to allow Daniël Stalpaert’s building of 1656 to speak for itself again. The geometry, which is recognisable in the façade, is reflected in the floor plans. In this way the building provides a clear orientation. The four ressaults are used as rising piers and orientation points, each with its own character and view over the surroundings. Existing breakthroughs will be reused where feasible, in order to allow as much of the building as possible to be enjoyed as it is. By removing the majority of jetties around the building, the sturdy naval warehouse will once more be sited in the water. According to this preliminary design, the visitor emerging from the ‘immersion of the museum visit’ will again be able to soak up the unexpected beauty of the original building.”

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