Open Rugs by Studio Plott

“‘Open Rugs’ is a series of 3D printed rugs that unites technique with tactility. The studio has developed a 3D printable equivalent of textile allowing them to print fabric in different patterns and colors. The open mesh arrangements create interesting dialogues between the objects and their underlying surfaces.

Rudi Boiten & Mireille Burger work at their collective studio based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Both young designers graduated at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2014.  Their work starts by experimenting with the qualities of materials, with a strong emphasize on colour, pattern and shape. With the focus on creating techniques that are both technical as tactile.

A special interest in the field of textiles, graphic design and the 3D print technique led to their current work enhancing the tactility and opportunity of both worlds. Their graphic language is used to develop a new look towards materials, finished and semi-finished products. Studio Plott works on self-initiated and commissioned projects, and loves to collaborate with suppliers, other designers and/or brands.”

text and images via Studio Plott

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