History Bag, graduation project of Lisa Vergeer at Design Academy Eindhoven.

“Contemporary handbag inspired by historical ways of carrying. Throughout the 17th, 18th and part of the 19th century, women wear wide clothing, under the skirts was enough space to hide one or two pockets.A slit in the gown provided access to personal items.The main advantages of this thigh pockets included, that the hands were free and the weight of the load was divided. Another advantage was that the goods were worn near the skin, they had the feeling that their belongings were safe. We’ve got history is a contemporary bag in which these ancient wisdom has been processed. The bag can also be worn as a jacket. The jacket divides the weight of the load on both shoulders. The use of supple lamb leather ensures that the bag encloses as a smooth garment to the body, in which the fine hand pocket provides comfort.”

text and picture via www.weleervergeer.nl 

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