This Fits Me by Leonie Tenthof van Noorden

“This Fits Me is a system that allows people to design unique and personalised fashion through 3D body scanning and generative algorithms. In a collaboration with fashion designer Eunbi Kim, we merged fashion and technology, crafts and cutting-edge production technologies.
The system creates a virtual garment based on a 3D body scan of the customer. This customer can add a personal touch by customising the generative design of the garment. This way, the garment fits the body as well as the customer’s identity.

In the system, a generative line pattern is projected on the garment. By adjusting several variables in the generative algorithm, the customer can adjust the line pattern on the garment based on their personal preferences.
The created line pattern will function as the seams in the garment, this creates a new way of patterning garments. The pattern pieces are cut out of fabric with laser cutting technology.

Currently three garments have been made using this system to indicate the broad range of possibilities.”

pictures by Michel Zoeter
hair and makeup by Lisa Schuil
model Amber Egomodels
text from

Dutch Design Blog


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