BLOCKSEAT by Jim Van Lent

“The BLOCK SEAT came to me from a simple shape: a beam. With a beam as the basic shape, I produced a complicated design, and used an attractive shade of red. Due to its high, broad arms, its depth, and the warm colour, it feels like a safe environment. The large seat provides ample room to move around in, so you can perform many activities whilst actually sitting in the BLOCKSEAT. 

If I had to describe myself, I think I’d say I am a craftsman and a creative thinker. The craftsman can be seen from the fact that I have an eye for beautiful materials, and that I understand and have mastered the technical aspects. When I start working on a project, the actual process is important because within this, I learn a lot about specific aspects like how the shapes, colours and materials used can be changed and improved. Primary colours and basic shapes are essential for me. I also have a strong preference for working with natural materials, like wool and wood.”


Blockseat Jim Van Lent Dutch Design Blog


pictures Marjon Hoogervorst
text via Jim van Lent

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