Sidepig – Bijzetvarken by Werkwaardig

“Fun, functional, and slightly different: The Side Pig. These playful side tables from Amsterdam based design label Werkwaardig promises to liven up your interiors. Designer duo Timo Keultjes and Diederik Dam set the tone: Let’s make Dutch Design fun again!

With a shared interest in design, entrepreneurship, a sense of humor, and a drive for perfection, Timo Keultjes and Diederik Dam designed an abstract and iconic pig with a thick body, blunt nose, and no eyes. It could have been pulled from a comic strip. The Side Pig was born.

These lovable animals come in muted green, pink, white, and gray, and in three special edition colors: high-gloss black, high-gloss pink, and bronze-brown cork.
The designers have created something unique and inexpensive. The Side Pigs are useful, affordable, and accessible to a wide audience. The sense of fun continues in all aspects of the product. The packaging has a warning label “Live animal inside” and the website reads: “Meat the family.”

The Side Pigs are practical and lightweight. You can grab the table by the tail to carry it around easily. They are made of unbreakable recyclable polyethylene, they don’t scratch and they’re easy to clean. The Side Pig can be placed on all fours or on its snout. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Timo Keultjes and Diederik Dam studied Product Design at the Hogeschool in Amsterdam. They founded Werkwaardig in 2016, where they create fun and innovative design. To maintain control of the high quality production process, all production is done in the Netherlands. Werkwaardig is expanding its collection with new products including work from other designers. Everything is created under the distinctive motto: ‘Let’s make Dutch Design fun again.'”


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