“TINGE is a mix and match table series that invites you to combine your favorite shapes and colours to a unique table. The prototypes are produced of left-overs from the plastics industries. This furniture series leads Ulrike Jurklies; owner and designer of Dutch label mo man tai back to her roots.

Prior to her Industrial Design studies in Munich, she was trained as a carpenter. Inspired by the visual appeal of left-over material that is generated when the plastic colouring process machine is set up for a new dye, she decided to design a furniture series with this attractive material.

These first prototypes are in a lavender shade but, depending on what goes in production, in the future a range of different colors are possible. The layers of shapes reinforce the design of TINGE. They showcase the play of light, the reflections and the shadows of the colourful transparent PC waste panels. By using simple joining techniques – no tools or unnecessary effort is needed to put the tables together. Endless combinations are possible; mixing and matching the shapes and colours into a unique, personal piece of furniture.

These pieces are the first prototypes of a whole furniture collection that is developed and produced in collaboration with the Belgian plastics processing company Zweko Optics. The complete series will be on display in October during Dutch Design Week 2017 in the installation ‘See Through’.”

text and images via Mo Man Tai

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