Growing Plants Indoors by Rem Atelier

“Growing Plants Indoors is an on-going project. The works not only decorate a living space, they simultaneously question the way we decorate our living space. And more precisely; how we take the outside world in, containing a piece of nature between the walls of our own habitat.

A three-dimensional, layered depiction of the plant is placed into a light box. When the light shines through the thin green leaves, the representation becomes hyper realistic. The plant leaves the suggestion of being alive, trapped behind milky Plexiglas, in its wooden casing.

But when one looks closer, the illusion starts showing cracks. The measurements of the casing reveal the flat character of the banana plant, which turns out to be a photographic representation that is sculptured inside the box. An illusion of the exotic houseplant that doesn’t need any water and can’t die, frozen in its temporary state. The work references the perception of an object; a familiar, functional object in it’s personal space.

Every plant is based on different photographs of singular, real life plants.

Just as in nature, all of them unique. Every new light box that is created marks the birth of a new addition to the banana plant family.”

Rem Atelier Growing Plants Indoors Dutch Design Blog

Rem Atelier Growing Plants Indoors Dutch Design Blog

text and images via Rem Atelier

Dutch Design Blog


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