Fundamentals campaign by Raw Color for Dutch Invertuals

“Campaign for Dutch Invertuals – Fundamentals. 9 different masks are constructed with a selection of over 800 objects from 45 different participants. The objects are derived from the individual collections of the participating designers. They offer a glimpse into their private collections, resulting in a distinct reflection of the designers identities. Sharing these inspirational artefacts allow the visitors to experience various views on form, material, and beauty.

Participating designers:
Alissa + Nienke, Arnout Meijer, Bram Vanderbeke, Carlo Lorenzetti, Carolina Wilcke, Commonplace Studio, Daniel de Bruin, Daphna Laurens, De Intuïtiefabriek, Dienke Dekker, Earnest Studio, EDHV, Hongjie Yang, Jeroen Wand, Jetske Visser & Michiel Martens, Jo Meesters, Juliette Warmenhoven, Kirstie van Noort, Léa Baert, Laura Lynn Jansen, Max Lipsey, Michael Schoner, Mila Chorbadzhieva & Adriaan de Man, Milou Voorwinden, Nel Verbeke, Niels Heymans & Emilie Pallard, Nina van Bart, Odd Matter, Officina Corpuscoli, Olivia de Gouveia, OS ∆ OOS, Paul Heijnen Studio, Raw Color, Scheublin & Lindeman, Sigve Knutson, Studio Mieke Meijer, Studio Sabine Marcelis, Studio Truly Truly, Thomas Ballouhey, Thomas Vailly, Tijmen Smeulders, Tijs Gilde, Victoria Ledig, Wendy Andreu, Xandra van der Eijk

Project Team:
Christoph Brach, Daniera ter Haar, Mirjam de Bruijn, Lydienne Albertoe”


Text and images via Raw Color

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